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[MAKRI] The Last Wish of an Old Veteran

청년시대 2017-04-10 (월) 14:56 2년전 7710  

An old veteran is lost in thought among the souls of the fallen heroes.
Mr. Seo Jeong-yeol, 92 years old, fought in the Korean War.
He was honorably discharged at the age of 24 after suffering a gunshot.
Then, 60 years later, he was selected as a Man of National Merit.
But the old veteran is deep in thought.
He believes his fellow soldiers who lost their lives in battle are the ones who deserves the glory…

“(Many of the fallen heroes) are still missing, buried underground.
It is heartbreaking.
My only wish is to see their remains recovered , brought to the National Cemetery, and given the proper treatment.”
-Seo Jeong-yeol (elderly veteran of the Korean War)-

Helps from the Family of the deceased and the people of korea are much needed for faster discoveries of the remains and identification of the deceased soldiers.

English : https://youtu.be/51nwA9Dv6Gc


Monetary Reward will be offered for witnesses who provide information about the possible location of Korean War KIA remains.

It is simple and easy to participate in DNA collection
Relatives up to third cousins who wish to find KIA remains may participate in DNA Collection

For more information: 1577-5625




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